Day 0 – Arrive in Cape Town

Airport transfers to the Mother City & Big Red Bus tour if early 🚗

Welcome in sunny South Africa! Arrive at Cape Town International Airport. Go through customs, grab your luggage and find your driver outside who will escort you to your hotel. Our riders usually arrive in groups and we aim to do 1/2/3 hotel transfers, depending on what time you arrive, which will be scheduled well in advance.

After arriving at the hotel for your first night in the Mother City, there is free time to unpack and unwind after the flight and do some last minute prep if needed. Nothing serious. Build your bike. Grab any last-minute supplies from a local bike shop. This is a Monday and the shops are wide open.

If there is time you can also hop on a Big Red Bus tour to see the vibrant city and the coastline on which we will cycle the Grand Finale in days to come. Resist the temptation to try and fit in too much, for tomorrow we start cycling!

  • CPT airport from where you will be collected and taken to the hotel
  • V&A waterfront if you want to stroll around and do some shopping
  • JOC cycles is a premium bike shop nearby and Willie Coetzee is ready to assist
  • Big red bus tour is a great way to quickly see the city if you have time


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